Egyptian Kofta recipe/ Lolo Kabab … طريقة عمل الكفتة المصرية

– 1 pound ground beef (80/20)
– parsley
– 2 medium onions (finely chopped)
– Tomato sauce
– salt, black pepper, 7 spices

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اجمد وصفة فراخ جربيها ومش هتندمى ابدا طعم روووعة 👍👍

الناس اللى لسة مش عملت اشتراك اشتركى وفعلى الجرس 👍👍👍

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    Whay u mean 80/20?

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    Can I fry it instead of baking

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      And one more thing
      How can I be as beautiful as you are ?

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      It’s a mix of spices sold under the name of 7 spices. U can make it urself if u have all the spices just add equal portions of the 7 spices. If u google what’s in 7 spices it will give u the list and u can make it yourself or try to find it in any international grocery store 🙂

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      What are baharat 7 spices ?

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      If u want to avoid frying you can try dry frying but keep it small and more flat so it would cook fast and not burn. .this kind doesn’t turn out good when fried in deep oil.
      There is another version that u can fry, it’s called rice kafta.
      Ground beef, onions, cilantro, salt, pepper, baharat/ 7 spices + rice flour to combine. After mixing all this with ur hand u run it one more time in the food processor to make it smoother then shape it and fry.

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    Can I know wht in the 7 spices

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    انا مصري والله

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    Nice recip

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    I tried this recipe for my Egyptian husband and he loved it! The smoking technique was awesome. Thanks so much!

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    No garlic?

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    beautifull presentation very elegant nice

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    I’m making this tonight. My husband is egyptian. He says there is 1 thing he wants but he can’t find here. Gateau Cake. All recipes I find are in arabic. Can you make it and send a link to me @ please?

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    Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe

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    It would be nice to know how many tablespoon of the spices were used.

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    I’m so glad to find you! Egyptian recipes on the english language! Looking forward to more of your dishes..

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    thank you! I just tried and it was AMAZING! my husband (Egyptian) liked it so much. I thought it was more complicated :p I will keep trying your recipes, the results are very tasty. thank you again. God bless you

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    love it

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    it’s just yummy😍😍
    thanks a lot

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    Dude that ending was amazing!!!!

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    Can yo teach us how to make hawawshi???

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    Sorry Miriam, I apologize,  I deleted my comment.

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    You are a living legend! Cheers from Canada!

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      +Ahmed Soliman that is so sweet 😊 thank you so much. i get encouraged when people actually enjoy the recipes. appreciate your feedback and welcome to our youtube family 🙂 always stay tuned. i add new recipes every week

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    wow fantastic food and master chief. love and big respect from Afghanistan.

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    thank you for your tip for bbq taste at tje koftas.

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      i hope you liked it and i am waiting for the picture. tag me on instagram (miriamkitchen) so i can see it. i love seeing your recreations 🙂

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      I will make the kofta at this moment. Have a nice evening,when i am done i will make photos of the dish.
      Best regards Leyla Gök.

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      +Leyla Gok you are welcome 😊
      You can use the same tip with several other recipes to always a success

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    👋 Mariam can u pls tell me what r the 7 spices? Ty.

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      Miriam Kitchen, Ty so much it’s easier for me to make with the ingredients you listed. Ty.

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      +Rezena Enendu it is a mixture usually u buy it ready from middle eastern supermarkets if u can’t find jt u can make ur own. 1 Tbsp of black pepper, 1 tbps allspice, 1 tbps cinnamon, 1 tsp grated nutmeg, 1 tspground coriander, 1 tsp ground cloves, 1 tspground ginger

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    what 7 spices are used?

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    thank you so much  for the secret of smokey taste like barbecue

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    برافو عليكي .. مدام مريم.. انتي نفعاني كتير ف الغربه والله 😙 تحياتي من بلجيكا

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    Can we please see grilled chicken stuffed with rice Egyptian style? Thanks

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    Very nice and simple Thank you , 2 points to raise 400F is about 204C ,isn’t that too hot to brown the meat from the outside while not fully cooked on the inside? the other point its always better to use a real wood charcoal not the artificial one , I would suggest 180C for 25 min turning occasionally and 5 min under the grill , However this is a great video and great work Thank you

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      +Black Diamond thank you for the suggestions they are great. I agree wood charcoal is the best and this is what my mom used to use, but i find it difficult to get my hands on and i was lazy to go look for it😆
      As for the oven, every oven ia different and i should have noted that. Mine is on the cooler side so i need to kick up the heat. And i usually get perfectly cooked kofta from the inside and i do turn it halfway when i get rid of the liquid.

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    More Egyptian cuisine please Miriam.

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    what was that used to smoke kofta plz
    from new zealand

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    One of my favorite foods while living in Egypt.

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    great video!!! love your blog !! when i smoke the kofta!!!  what can i ues instead of butter!!!!!!!

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      +LARRY PETERSON butter is the best option here. Don’t try it with oil the smoke that will come will be very bad. These are the only two options i tried but maybe I’ll experiment more and will let you know if i found a substitute

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    Looks good. Where in the hell do you buy the coal that is smoking the meat? What is it? I live in Southern California – USA

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      I live in the Central Valley and any tobacco shop that sells hookah will sell those small pieces of coal just ask them for hookah charcoal 🙂 good luck! It really makes the taste like it was cooked on the grill!

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    Looks good

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    يا عفريتة…

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    Thank you for the recipe. Just a suggestion: instead of discarding the fluid which comes out of the kofta while they bake, pour it into a small saucepan and boil off the water so that only the fat remains. Mix this fat with the butter during the smoking stage to provide a better smoke flavour.

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    Salam Alykum plz give me the names of seven spices …. Thank you …

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    This just look amazing! Thanks for sharing. I will definitely try it out next familiar BBQ 🙂

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    Micah and Modesta ASMR

    What is that thing that looks like ice that you’re putting in the butter at the end there?

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    nice thanks..

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    This recipe looks awesome. I’ll try it.

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    please keep sharing more egyptian recepies
    it is something new and exciting for my family and me

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    Thanks for sharing Mariam i will defenetly try it!! Please keep sharing egyptian recipies we love it

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    w0w… I guess this is a bit more healthier as it is baked and the oils/liquids are discarded… I’m new to your channel i like arabic food but mostly recipes are in arabic. So, I’m glad to meet you here… Do you have a recipe for stuffed grape leaves?

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    I’m loving your recipes and videos. The charcoal tip is ace!

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    You haven’t been doing any recipes for quite sometime, are you going to make any ones soon ??

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