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Candy canes are delicious holiday treats that come in all shapes and sizes. See the carefully choreographed production process in action!

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How It’s Made

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تحلية باردة سريعة في 10 دقائق بمكونات بسيطة متوفرة في كل بيت

حلويات كراميلا تقدم تحلية باردة سريعة في 10 دقائق بمكونات بسيطة متوفرة في كل بيت …

41 تعليق

  1. Avatar

    candy canes are from sweden

  2. Avatar

    Tbh it would be faster to hire workers to put the candy canes in the boxes

  3. Avatar

    2:12 bacon

  4. Avatar

    I should be sleeping

  5. Avatar

    Thank u for helping us friendly robots

  6. Avatar

    only a ladel full of flavour fr 3200 candies?

  7. Avatar



  8. Avatar

    anyone else notice the dude at 1:56 look right at the camera?

  9. Avatar

    im not eating anymore lollies

  10. Avatar

    wow amazing

  11. Avatar

    Am I the only one angry that they use kneading machines? Hire more people!

  12. Avatar

    كتي موحلوة

  13. Avatar

    yay candy canes

  14. Avatar

    I hate candy canes, but I love how they’re made.

  15. Avatar

    who is eating a candy cane

  16. Avatar

    can you make me a candy cane

  17. Avatar

    I Love Candy canes!!!

  18. Avatar

    Your a fat log

  19. Avatar


  20. Avatar

    why do I find these videos relaxing?

  21. Avatar

    …I now cannot eat candy canes without thinking about how much damn sugar in it.

    And I will never eat it if I can help it.

  22. Avatar

    Is it sad that the block of candy weighs more than me

  23. Avatar
    LolzNoobMe ProNoobsBad

    Well, I’ll tell my kids that candy canes are made by pluggers and shovels as seen in the video at the beginning.

  24. Avatar

    sitting here bored eating a candy cane in class

  25. Avatar

    Useless information: I clicked on this cause I was eating a candy cane

  26. Avatar
    The wonderful wonder

    I’m eating a candy cane write now

  27. Avatar

    First day of holiday break and I’m already watching this shit. . . I should be studying or something useful! but no, let just enjoy candy canes.

  28. Avatar

    eating a lemon heads candy cane while watching this video lol

  29. Avatar

    Who was eating a Candy Cane While watching?

  30. Avatar

    How clean are the machines? :

  31. Avatar

    im eating a candy cane while watching this.

  32. Avatar
    Purplelovergirl100 MSP

    3200 Candy CANES?!!!

  33. Avatar

    This made me want candy canes somy mom went out to Walmart and bought me some

  34. Avatar

    (Workers eating extra candycanes the machine didn’t take)

  35. Avatar

    Eating some mini candy canes right now. ☺️

  36. Avatar

    who’s watching while eating a candy cane??😂✌🏻️👍🏻👍🏻

  37. Avatar

    Y U M 😉😍😛

  38. Avatar

    that just looked cool and also just the way that they made it

  39. Avatar

    Can’t. Stop. Watching.

  40. Avatar

    Half an hour for one box? Seems a bit slow…

  41. Avatar

    who’s watching while eating one?

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