Turkish Beef Wrap Recipe – Easy Turkish Food

Tantuni (Beef Wrap) is a typical Turkish food from Mersin — Turkey. Can be considered as kebab. Very delicious and healthy. Basically, you cook the diced meat (you can also boil the meat) and then you are stir frying the meat, and the reason you add water is, to use the steam to moist the flat breads. By the way, it will taste much better if you use the flat bread recipe in our channel. Transfer the diced meat into a large pot Cook until juices run clear, with the pot lid on Cooking time depends on the type of meat, so once in a while check if it is done When it looks like this, you can continue cooking on a wok or large pan Pour some vegetable oil into a pan Season the meat while cooking on medium heat add Paprika – Salt — Red Pepper Flakes and Add 3 tbs of hot water while it continues cooking When the water starts boiling, turn off the heat
Here are the ingredients for the Tantuni:
1 lbs (450g) diced beef
2 tomatoes
Fresh parsley
1 onion
4 tbs vegetable oil
1 tsp paprika
2 tsp salt
2 tsp red pepper flakes

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    Hungry -.-

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    is this tantuni cokguzel

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    Nice like it…

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    çok iyi salata dürüm!

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    Looks pretty much like  a burrito or the gyros we have in Greece.I’ll try it
    I thought the traditional tantuni need hot peppers in it.Was i wrong?

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    طبخك جدا رائع وكثيرا اخذ من وصفاتك استمري 3>3>

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    I am in the making of turkish bagels from your Chanel !!!

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