Steak (Beef Steak) Recipe

How to marinate & make beef steak at home in easy steps. Beef Steak Recipe
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2 Pieces (2 lbs / 907 g) Beefsteak
4 Garlic Cloves
2 Tbsp Dijon Mustard
2 Tbsp Olive Oil
2 Tbsp Balsamic Vinegar
3 Tbsp Soy Sauce
1/4 Tsp Salt
1 Tsp Honey
2 oz (57 g) Tamarind (or 2 Tbsp Tamarind Paste)
Paprika, Ground Chili Pepper

1- Dissolve 2 ounces of tamarind in 1/4 cup of boiling water, stir until thoroughly dissolved.
2- Pass the mixture through a strainer.

Directions: for details click

eef Steak contains high amounts of vitamin B12, Selenium, Zinc.
It is very low in Sugar.

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    why does the meat look like pork ??

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    Why on earth would you spoil the beef’s natural taste by adding things like vinegar and honey???

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    Amazing looking meat, could do without the blinding flash every two seconds in the vid.. still liked it tho

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    dont eat beef

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    yamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i like to eat

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    Confused about Paprika and chilli pepper. Tried google but google shows both are same 🙁

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    Looks good but not a fan of spray on stuff.

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    delicious but i need the name of the best grill i want to buy one 😥

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    dont eat cows

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    Wow, it’s look delicious. I will make it really soon. Thanks!

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    Waste of time

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    Omg… It was really good! Thankxxx

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    I tried this yesterday, omg enjoyed every bit of it❤️❤️❤️ thankssss for this

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    Fuck! i tried this and it was best fucking steak i ever had ! Thank you !

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    I would try to avoid honey ? why would you put in honey ?

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    Sharp_X -Minecraft

    Soy sauce is sweet right?

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    Those flash transitions were annoying

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    this is not a professional video

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    are preparing a medicine or a meal?

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    just put all the marinade ingredients together and refrigerated the meat…. I know the steaks will taste incredible based on how good the marinade smells…. I didn’t have tamarind so I combined some brown sugar and lime juice to substitute…. I’ve tried other recipes from you so I have no doubt that after the overnight refrigeration, this is going to be an incredibly tender and flavorful steak. Thanks..

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    Ok now I am hungry -_-

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    i have a question, please reply, the meat used in the video, is it rib-eye, or sirlion? please reply.

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    last night dinner, every one loved it. thak you so much for sharing this recipe with us. I cooked mashed potaoes with this which i learned from another youtuber Carina sreward.

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    Americans make steaks the easiest way you can ever imagine but i never succeeded in making one like them i dont know why !!!

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    This is delicious it’s amazing you guys should defiantly try it {without the tamlie}

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    use 3 tsp raw papaya paste and 4 tsp hung curd 1 tsp mince ginger paste and then u will definitely see the softness in ur stake

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    Good recipe but I would like to recommend using less soy sauce and oil to make it more healthy. Olive oil has a lot of calories

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    Looks like vomit

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    Muito condimento pra dois bife. Apenas sal e óleo seria suficiente.

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    Jennethsarv Sarvajenn

    very expensive those things i think its too class and social. i can’t afford those expensive things. is there any other option? like the charcoal for grill?

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    What is Balsamic Vinega and where can we find it ??

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    This looks really amazing. Just asking, does this tastes spicy?

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    wow, it looks yummy

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    Excellent work. Like it

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    You eat steaks with brocolli?

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    Nice, can u add voice or transcript for this video then we easily understand…

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    very nice recipe. I like it well-done.

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    That looks like a lot of crap…

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    perfect.easy to understand and try.

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