Lebanese chicken and rice recipe with seven-spice seasoning

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Salma Hage is a Lebanese home cook who moved to London from Northern Lebanon in 1967. In her book, The Lebanese Kitchen, she presents a comprehensive list of her own recipes for family favourites along with classic dishes handed from generation to generation.

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    MyLittlePony ArabicSonger

    Why I’m lebanese and don’t know that x(((

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    i like Lebanese Marounit women,

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    Thank you

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    Thank you very for sharing your recipes you mention 7 seasoning may I asked what it is because it wuld love to makethis dish thank you ☺

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    love everything from lebanon, lovely country, wel wishes from pakistan

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    Love Lebanese food !

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    Can you please write how much seasoning you used 

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    Yes sarah each lebanese house use his own peper. some adds meat too. some use tomato sauce. so do what u like . i myself do it the same but i add magi chicken taste for extra chicken taste. the main things to keep is the basmati rise and using the water of chicken with the new rise . if u keep these 2 essentianl things do whatever u want with the rest

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    I made this tonight! Very  yummy =)

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    Look so delicious and easy. Got to make this now. What oil did you use to fry the cashews in? What spices for the stock?

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    Oh my goodness! That looks amazing. You are so charming. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful recipes with us.

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    Merci… Allah Ysellim Dayyetik!!!!!

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