Musacaa (Egyptian Braised Eggplants)….طريقة عمل المسقعة

Musacaa is an Egyptian dish made out of mainly eggplants and some other vegetables
this is my own recipe that i promise you will love. it actually tastes better when it stays overnight so i hope you give it a try and let me know how you liked it

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طبخة مندي الدجاج بطريقه احترافيه في الفرن و الطعم خرافي-أكلات رمضان

اسهل طبخة مندي دجاج بالفرن بطريقه احترافيه وناجحه – فطورنا لرمضان المكونات دجاج والبهار بهار …

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    I was salivating just by watching your video. We use to make something like
    that called Adjab Sandal. Adding garbanzo beans will make my hubby very
    happy. Thanks for sharing. You very beautiful.

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    will you please teach us different delicious egyptian sauses normally
    served before the main course

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    very nice your recipes

  4. Avatar

    Sounds like a good recipe.. thanks

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    How many onions did you chop

  6. Avatar

    Thanks for this one.. 

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    I am Egyptian and musaca is really from my favorite foods .. and i love
    eating it cold 

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    ‫صبا الدوسي‬‎

    المصقعه عندنا باذنجان وبطاطس ولحم مفروم
    ألذ وأطعم ..

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    This looks delicious. Looking forward to my summer garden so I can try this
    recipe with fresh from the garden eggplant. My only problem with this video
    is with placing food directly on Aluminum Foil. This is very toxic
    especially on the brain. Please use parchment paper to protect your health!

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    Eggplant is my favorite
    Prefer cooking eggplant of any kind

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    AWESOME! you make it simple~ Scott

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    My next wife’s sister.

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    Can I make this recipe without oil?

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    Please put exact measures/ingredients of food recipe so that we can follow
    to cook it, thanks!

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    Great presentation, very easy to follow. Thank you.

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    تعجبنا وصفاتك .. بليز استمري وربنا يعينك <3

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    I met your husband today at wells fargo. He is very nice. I will share your
    page with my friends. My best friend is from Ismailieh, Al Isma’Iliyah,
    Egypt she will share your videos also. Good Luck !

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    Hi. I wanted to know how to cook egyptian rice.. 

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    Yum this must be delicious with some feta on top.But how is it served and
    how you take it out of the pot without destroying the layers?Or it doesn’t
    matter?I don’t really care about the presentation but it’s good to know.
    Thanks again.

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    Hi, new subscriber here, you left me a comment to check out your channel!
    would really appreciate it if you could check out mine and maybe sub as
    great videos btw!! >.<

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    Thanks for the video. Please show us how to cook a kabab halla, my mother
    in law use to do it and it tastes great !

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    Miriam enti feen???!!! Please make more videos 7abibti, I need a good
    ta3miyya recipe! Any Egyptian recipes! Come back! 😀 

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    What we saw is a beautiful Egyptian art made by an amazing Egyptian chef ..

    ياسلام عالاكل المصري وياسلام عليك ..
    طبخ راقي وأسلوب وتفنن

    This video made me get.up and really do mosakah .

    وكمان قطعت الباذنجان عالطريقة الوراثيه إلى بتقطعها العايله :-):-):-)

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    بانتظار جديدك يا مبدعة 

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    Thank you .

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    Sooo happy that u made it I really love all your dishes 😊

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    تسلم ايديكي هذا طلبي 😊 من زمان نفسي فيها thanks you so much 🌹 حعملها قريب
    ان شاء الله 

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    Make falafel 

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    my mommy will love this. she love brinjal (or eggplant, baigan, however u
    say it).
    it reminded me a little of “baigan ka bharta” (its an indian recepi except
    u cut d eggplant in little cubes while making it). love d video… xoxox

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