Molokhia (Egyptian Jute Leaf Soup)

Fatma shares a family recipe for an Egyptian classic – molokhia or molokheya. Molokhia is a soup prepared from jute leaves. When paired with fried bell peppers and red sauce, this traditional favorite comes to life as a refreshing and tasty dish to share with family and friends. Be happy. Be healthy. Eat molokhia! 🙂

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طبخة مندي الدجاج بطريقه احترافيه في الفرن و الطعم خرافي-أكلات رمضان

اسهل طبخة مندي دجاج بالفرن بطريقه احترافيه وناجحه – فطورنا لرمضان المكونات دجاج والبهار بهار …

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    tasty molkiya .i love uuu egypt im from indonesia

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    my Favorite food

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    I am living in Ukraine ,where can i buy this malokhia please?

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    Thank you!!

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    We are specialist in jute.
    You can find us on web site

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    احب الشعب المصري ربي يحفظكم شعب طيب وراقي

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    My in laws are Egyptian and we all ways eat this soup and also that red
    sauce but its spicy ,,

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    My Egyptian mother in-law making it a lot.I tried and did NOT like this
    dish. Sorry everyone!

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    i love it !!!

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    Do you have to let the molokhia defrost or can you cook it from frozen?

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    Dear Fatma:
    I ve found your recip very useful, but I am in Spain and here is not frozen
    moulujeya or fresh. My son brought me from Cairo dry one and i d like to
    know the way to cook it. Sucran!!

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    My grandpa planted this Egyptian Spinach in our backyard, and always
    telling us that this super food is a secret of long life, I do believe him
    because many old folks in our country reach their age close to a 100 years
    old. They called it “Saluyot” in our country Philippines. Because I saw
    your video and make some research about this plant , now I realized they
    just called it in different name. I like your recipe and I will surely do
    this as part of our menu because my Mom love eating this vegetables. I
    will also order seeds to plant this spring time. Thank you, I hope you
    will share us more of your delicious and healthy recipes.

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    I love Egyptians and I’m Palestinian 

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    I made it and it was great. I suggest to add 2 chicken cubes to have a real
    taste of chicken.

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    I’m growing some Egyptian spinach on my aeroponic tower garden. I’ve been
    eating it raw- it’s delicious – and want to try the soup. Thanks for the

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    love love love…now I know how to cook some egyptian food

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    Wow are mama mia no1; with this dish prepared to your family to
    their filling satisfied smiles…i wish to make this too

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    she’s so cute and funny 

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    sounds soooo good.thank you i will tey

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    Wow!!! Thank you! So educational and interesting. I loved it!!

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    This video made me so happy , You remind me of my mom 🙂

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    Merci geddan ya Fatma, you save me out in the wild west with no egyptians
    or arabs around for any recipes!

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    You can find it in middle eastern stores in the USA, sometimes even in the
    Indian stores, it comes frozen, just cook it like made here, or your mom’s
    or tata’s recipe, We used to grow it in our garden at our home in New
    Jersey, and I still have my moms’ “mahgraffa” in my kitchen. I am going to
    make some now.

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    Thanks for the recipe very clear directions! I am not sure why you didnt
    also make the chicken to go along with it though?

  26. Avatar

    she used the chicken to make the broth only

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    I would like to send you my pictures of the molokheiah 2.5 meters high but
    I don’t know how to send it to you manyamya from Australia

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    Thank you for sharing this recipe, I lived in Egypt for 3 years and my
    bestfriends mom always used to make this for me and I really miss it. Good
    memories and if I find the molokhiya here in Holland I will surely make it.
    Thanks again.

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    hi fatima molokheia is my favorite i planted hear in australia with gellet
    ferakh (chiken manure) it grew 2,5 mit. high i would like to send the
    pictures bu i don`t know how

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    Teslam 2eedek ya gameela =)

  31. Avatar

    omg she is so funny 🙂 She so has an Egyptian spirit that I dearly love.

  32. Avatar

    lol. when I was a student and single I ate garbage not molokhya

  33. Avatar

    She’s funny 🙂 Thank you for the recipe! 😀

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    am really want to know all egyptian recipes for my husband in the future i
    must to know all hope i get some tips here In Shaa allah pleas help me

  35. Avatar

    thanks mom, i wanna try to cook this food for my husband. He is egyptian.

  36. Avatar

    thank you for your recipe.. i live in san francisco too and married an
    egyptian man… i really liked this 🙂

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    I’m an Egyptian and Love Molokhia !!

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    28 years ago.when i was in Egypt, I loved the mulukhia that the cook made.I
    made it time by time, as i remember (i add tomato to the mulukhia) yours
    must be the right one.thank you so much, I miss my Heba thella.

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    Thanks very much

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    This is a very different recipe from the one I learned but I am anxious to
    try your recipe with the different spices, fried bell peppers and a little
    vinegar, just to see the differences in flavors. Thanks for posting this
    interesting dish. watch?v=KsWYzsJiuD0&feature=g-all-c

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    WOOOW thank you so much!!! Ive always wanted to learn the authentic recipe,
    this is great! 😀

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    ALAHUAKBAR!!! wonderful thank you for showing Egyptian cooking very nice
    and tasty

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