Breakfast omelette the Mediterranean way – eggah عجة البيض

A really simple recipe for a delicious Breakfast omelette the Mediterranean way (Eggah- عجة البيض that is really quite tasty and healthy too!

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5 eggs.
large bunch flat leaf parsley, washed and finely chopped.
1 onion, chopped.
Salt and pepper, to taste.
2 tablespoons butter.
1 tablespoon flour.

Melt half the butter in a fry pan over low heat, add onion and fry for 5 minutes until caramelized.
Add parsley and flour, and stir for 1-2 minutes. Remove from heat.
In a bowl beat the eggs and season with salt and pepper. Add the onion and parsley mixture and stir well to combine.
Heat a little butter in a fry pan and pour in a third of the egg mixture. Cook until the bottom is golden before flipping over to cook the other side. Repeat with the remaining egg mixture.

This is great served hot with feta cheese and fresh Lebanese bread.

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    Dyna's Egyptian Cooking

    Iraq sad, you are very welcome, I’m glad you like this recipe so much. :-D

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    Thank you very much, I nearly died of hunger because his breakfast
    cafeteria expensive, thank you very Thanks 😊😊😊😊😊😊

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    V nice I like

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    Excellent! Liked it very much. Could you share foul mudammas recipe.

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    there are a lot of versions of omelette’s and that one looks simple and
    nice, I’ll give it a try soon 

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    Dyna, my husband and I ( yes, a same sex couple) are vegetarians, could you
    do some vegetarian dishes in the future?

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    Dyna's Egyptian Cooking

    Hi Hanad,
    Thanks for your comment. As for a website, I have a blog page which is at
    On it you will all so find links to the cookbooks I have online. I have
    been so busy over the last few months with a new baby and moving but hope
    to be back blogging soon. :)

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    hi dyna thanks for your great video , did you have website pleas send me if
    so .

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    Dyna's Egyptian Cooking

    Thanks for your comment +Emily m. This is definitely an easy recipe to make for yourself at home. So glad you like it.:)

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    I love this recipe! I am Lebanese like you ! I try and ask my friends to
    try Lebanese food they don’t like it but I do! 

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    Dyna's Egyptian Cooking


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    very interesting

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    Dyna's Egyptian Cooking


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    this looks so good

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    Dyna's Egyptian Cooking

    Thanks for your comments. I had forgotten for a long time before this
    video. I love that it is simple yet tasty!!

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    Well done, I moved out of home and forgot all about this simple and
    beautiful dish .. Will make this week

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