Lose Weight Fast with Weight Loss Diet Soup Veg Weight Loss Fat Burning Soup Recipe

Lose Weight Fast with Weight Loss Diet Soup / Vegetarian Weight Loss Fat Burning Soup Recipe. Easy to make soup for efficient weight loss
To view this video in Hindi click https://youtu.be/bWBdwe9kitM

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  1. Avatar
    Virendra singh pundir

    vari nice mem

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    hmmm yum! can I have this with wholebrown bread

  3. Avatar

    I m from Poona from where I will get Himalayan pink salt

  4. Avatar

    I got hypo thyroid what my weight will loose after doing all this

  5. Avatar

    I’m on a spree of having recipes by vicky for every meal today …just had this soup for dinner without any expectations of being it tasty but it’s a sin to doubt Versatile Vicky..Just loved it..its delicious and filling and I added some shredded chicken to it

    Thanks a ton Vicky 👐

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    nice video.

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    after salt wat u add??pls let me knw…

  8. Avatar
    Rajithachmba Chundirajitha

    very useful tips to protect weight and obesity

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    Can I pressure cook?

  10. Avatar

    indian vagesoup

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    tell me in Urdu recipes

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    nice …

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    thankyou very much dear!!!

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    Kashisheikh26 kashisheikh26

    “versatile vicky” a nam u can trust 😍

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    Loved your weightloss recipes nd it really works…..Thanks alot .. Its just awesome..

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    watching first time ur video i like it.subscribed

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    Um thanks for makeing a soup I need that to cook for myself and also I’m 12

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    I just made this with some borocolli as well and some chicken… it’s literally heaven! make more vids like this

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    awesome deit plan thanks for sharing with us

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    very good , thanks

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    looks so good , making this today ty so much !!!!

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    Without garlic i cant think this type of soup…nice veg soup …thnx

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    can i add more water ?

  25. Avatar

    hi Vicky ..can I have this soup for lunch instead of boiled eggs n apple in your 900 calorie diet plan?

  26. Avatar

    if i finish the soup before the 7 days make more soup rite?

  27. Avatar

    in your diet can i replace one of those meals instead with this im kinds getting tired of only eating boiled eggs..

  28. Avatar

    can i add any kind of vegetables?

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    fantastic soup 4 wt loss definitely I’ll do it

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    well explained

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    hey can we add soya sauce nd vinegar in this soup ???

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    Very nice soup I love it

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    hello Vicky I have started 10 days egg diet can I replace this soup for oat meal if not when should I add this soup can u please tell as I am on diet at present and weighting for the best results .which is must for me to reduce .

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    Hi why not pressure cook this?

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    hi can we incorporate this soup in 10 days 10 kg meal plan (veg)

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    what are the ingredients i cant understand someone please comment

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